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Whether it comes from ourselves, or others, sometimes we need to know that we are seen, felt & heard. Sometimes we tend to look for outside sources to feel validated, or worthy, and having someone affirm us, or validate us is just the push we need. Affirmation Destination was born out of a desire to create a network to do just that!

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BE AFFIRMED, Shanese's first published book, emotes a relentless searching for authenticity and fulfillment. The poems in this book draw upon Angel's personal conflicts and infatuations.


The captivating and brutal truths of which she writes are her own story, but many readers will recognize her torment, yearnings, and aspirations akin to their own lascivious cravings. The fervency with which Angel Shanese writes comes from a sincere deep dive into her own psyche.

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Affirmation Destination LLC was founded when I realized that people often struggle with affirming themselves. My goal is to assign a space, designed with this struggle in mind. Eventually I’d like to add customized items dedicated, not only to people who recognize that we share a need for affirmation, but also who struggle with self affirming.

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