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Cinema Systers Film Festival 2022

I’m so excited to be attending this festival, and being in the presence of some of the most artistic people I know. Most of all, I’m always excited to see this seedling, founded by one of the most beautiful people I know, Laura Petrie, continue to grow.

This pandemic has left many of us with losses, of family & dreams, so this is more than just a festival; Cinema Systers is a survivor!

Memorial Day weekend usually finds us camping out, having conversations around the fire, dancing, breaking bread with other artists & laughing heartily. The atmosphere is ever inspiring. Find me somewhere listening, learning and in awe of the women surrounding me. I can’t lie, I have moments of feeling inadequate. It’s my imposter syndrome, that I’m seemingly stuck with. They give me hope!

One thing is for certain, I never leave without something to write about. May is the start of festival season, and pride, CSFF is a beautiful way to kick it off. If you find yourself near Paducah Ky, on Memorial Day, in the future, check out the films. There are all access passes available at

“ To uplift the visions and voices of lesbian filmmakers, and to provide a dedicated space to publicly showcase their art.

We intend to build bridges among audiences, filmmakers and the community at large through the exhibition of lesbian produced films and other events scheduled throughout the weekend.”~ CSFF Mission Statement

Film Submissions are closed for this year, but keep An eye out for next year.

Be inspired ~ Angel

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