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I’m very interested in the people, men & women, that didn’t like “Wakanda Forever” Most of the men I know tend to “hate” it, and I thought the storyline was amazing. I’m late to the party, I was busy for a few years. Just out here fighting for love, life & sanity

I originally thought “they hate women” (sic), but it’s deeper than that. It could be only that for some people, but a bit of critical thinking makes me believe otherwise.

“Wakanda Forever” is Shuri’s storyline in the universe, which is beautiful. I love to see how all of the Marvel heroines & hero’s come to be. Shuri was already fire in the first movie!! She’s the brain behind T’Challa & the warriors. I never heard anyone say they hated her in Black Panther. This emotion, hate, must come from something else.

This movie is a story of mothers protecting, grieving and fighting to maintain what they’ve built. When you know, you know. It’s emotional, because it’s supposed to be. All of the violence is there, yet it was displeasing, and that reminded me that so many people believe women to be feeble & can’t/won’t see the sacrifices made. Sacrifice is strength, all by itself!

Some see weakness… even after witnessing what women (sic) go through walking these streets everyday. A lot of women love the Marvel universe, as much as I, but it’s hardly ever just violence. It’s the storylines for me, which tend to lead to violent situations. I get that, most of us fight for what we love.

Where’d the “hate” come from? Emotions, is the thing I came up with. Feelings that so many push down inside, just to keep from breaking. So often, not tending to emotions will lead to disdain.

It takes mental gymnastics to explain why some people “hate” this movie. Use some critical thinking because “hate” is such a strong emotion but so easy to release, as opposed to love; grief; or sadness. Are you as good at releasing any emotions besides “hate”?

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