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How To Move Forward

Trying to write, & everything seems like a eulogy. Perhaps it’s because I’ve yet to grieve. Grief for the living, losses, damage to my brain. Especially grief for the death of my love, whom carried my blood in his veins. Poetry though, keeps me sane

He kept us on our toes. As I started this, I am so thankful for allowing you to be a child.

There aren’t memories of breaking his heart, but going out of our way to see you smile. We watched you zoom through Gotham city, we fell to the floor as you captured us with your spider web & we gasped as you attempted to explain that “Luke, I am your father!”. The costumes, the amusement parks, cutting out birthday parties and traveling with you & summer sun instead. I guess I was being prepared for times, like now , when you aren’t here. Times filled with memories, healing from the hole you left in me.

If we didn’t take you anywhere, we would’ve been competing with game consoles, and you didn’t know it but we got you. We won. You were a joy to hang out with. I miss you.

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