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Taking The Time

A few months ago, I asked a group of friends to take a grief trip with me. It was decided, that would be a fantastic idea. Maison hadn't long passed, and two long time friends had died as well.

After months of doctor's appointments, therapies, panic attacks & meds galore, the time came to catch a flight to go to bed. Yes, I really just wanted to go cry. One shouldn't have to leave the country, but after almost dying in September, it was apparent to me that we may be gone tomorrow. It was time to scratch something off of my bucket list.

The trip was beautiful, and healing in a lot of ways. At one point I was panicking, and my friend so kindly said "Angel, you had a stroke, perhaps you're remembering things wrong". She was right, I was panicking about something I'd sworn was done the day before. Turns out, I had left everything at home. That turned to more tears, because I have moments where I don't feel cared for, seen or considered. It felt good to feel kindness, and not frustration, because two people with anxiety can be quite a circus.

I came here to remind everyone that grief is the cost of love, and true friendships can make your world go around when life makes you want to jump off.

Be Affirmed, my loves & love like there's no tomorrow because sometimes there isn't.

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