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This Tree & Me

I'm communing in Amazonian country

Outside this gate it's called Loveland

where I don't shrink myself

There's no need

I stand proudly

my full 5’10

I needed these women surrounding me

Reminding me of my capabilities

regurgitating these stories

dropping resources in abundance

I empathize with them

And they

With me

We’ve all been there

We had to leave

My heart swells from their strength

It's ok

I'll begin again

I found my way to this tree

This brown swing

beckoning me

To process freely

The tree offering to protect me

Strong and sturdy

There's no anxiety

The moon peeking through the leaves of the oak

I can feel it

In its glow I soak


Like my Dust 2 Onyx cards

It makes me feel gold & shiny

The branches hold this net/hammock/swing


pretty thing

I can feel it

this tree

It wants me to come to rest in its arms

It's strength assuring

Saying come join it

It's telling me to stand tall like she

As if to say

“grow with me”

Conversation all around

Nothing loud

Then all of a sudden

Women laughing

I love that sound

This moment perfect

As it should be

Clad in purple Fenty








Feeling pretty & free

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