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My Brain

I was rear ended, in September, and hit my head so hard, that I had a stroke the next day. The pain is so very real, mental and physical, that I've don't very little. Every day, including today, I've had a banging headache. Most days, I'm afraid my pressure and pain will make me have another stroke! Talk about spooky...

No, seriously. I have been wondering exactly what to do since the impact. My memory is gone, and all friends keep saying is "let your brain heal!". It's true, but not taking care of my child has been quite rough. To not be certain I'll ever be the efficient machine, that her health requires, is something else.

This time last year, she needed full blown advocacy. What if that happens again? Right now, I'm in the midst of moving and there's no order! My organization is all mangled up.

For those of you whose health has taken a turn, and all you can think of is "no one understands", I'm here to tell you I do. My life has changed and no one understands.

When I was little and I'd say "I am not cute, but I'm smart", people would get so angry that I'd say that. Well, love... what does one have now?

Right now, I'm struggling. Yes, being not being okay is okay. This is my first attempt at writing a blog since this happened, and it may take some time to write another. Know that you are loved, because you are.

Boo, Angel

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